Selasa, 23 Februari 2010

About Questnet Malaysia.

QuestNet Malaysia is a direct selling company that utilises the power of network marketing combined with e-commerce. We offer a highly diverse product portfolio for our customers and a well-proven business opportunity for people to start and run their own business without the need for the usual overheads, inventory or storefronts. We also provide the Information Technology knowledge and business tools for our Independent Representatives (IRs) to successfully run their business, whether it be on a full-time or part-time basis.

QuestNet Malaysia was officially launched in 2008 with a dream to touch and change the lives of the Malaysian people through quality lifestyle products and business opportunities. We have achieved this without losing focus on our quest. This has been due to not only a proven business platform, but also through our diligent adherence to corporate social responsibility and our underlying motto, Raise Yourself To Help Mankind (RYTHM).

QuestNet Malaysia offers a range of lifestyle products – from nutrition and wellness products to luxury items to communication solutions – designed to enhance the lives of consumers. The business opportunity lies in the promotion of these products to others.

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